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What would your business look like 12 months from today if you had an experienced accountability coach help you create a Strategic Game Plan and hold you accountable to take action on that plan each and every week? Would your business grow 2x? Maybe 5x? How about 10x? Schedule your no-obligation strategy call with the Accountability Sensei and get a preliminary Strategic Game Plan for your business today!

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Benefits of Working with an Accountability Coach

Action Plan

You need an action plan that will get you from where you are to where you need to be. An accountability coach will help you develop a strategic action plan, tailor-made for your specific business.


An accountability coach will help you quantify what success looks like, and help you set measurable goals that can help validate your progress along the way.


An accountability coach offers you focus. At any given time, you will know what is the most important next step to get you closer to reaching your business goals.


An accountability coach will require feedback on your progress to help you keep moving forward. They will enquire about your reasons for struggling, help you work out a solution, and get you back on track again.


Ever wish you had someone to seek encouragement from? When you’re running low on motivation, inspiration or enthusiasm, your accountability coach is right there to give you the boost you need.

Fresh Perspective

Having someone else look at and comment on your ideas and work is very helpful. An accountability coach will provide valuable validation or course-correction when you need it.

Be Challenged

An accountability coach will fuel you and your business to new heights. Going beyond where you’ve gone before is excellent for your business and your bank balance.

Rapid Growth

The result of all the previous benefits listed is rapid business growth, and who doesn’t want that? Can you and your business truly afford not to work with an accountability coach?

An Accountability Coach will Propel You
and Your Business to New Heights!

Your mindset is going to be transformed, your habits are going to be altered, and your business will never be the same. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen quickly.

Together with the Accountability Sensei, you are going to develop a detailed Strategic Game Plan for the goals you want to achieve in your business over the next 12 months. Your Strategic Game Plan will take your business goals and refine them into specific objectives with target metrics. Once the objectives are set, strategies and tactics to meet these objectives can be defined. Your Strategic Game Plan is going to be responsible for growing your business 2x, 5x, or possibly even 10x over the next 12 months.

However, a plan alone cannot guarantee exponential growth. Along with your plan, you need to take action. The Accountability Sensei is going to share with you productivity techniques that you will begin to implement into your day-to-day routines. These productivity techniques will help you regain your focus, beat procrastination, multiply your time, and take action towards achieving your business goals.

To ensure you are making progress towards the objectives set in your Strategic Game Plan, you will speak by phone with the Accountability Sensei each week to discuss the previous week’s wins and fails. You will then share your action plan for the coming week.

To hold you accountable for your weekly action plan, the Accountability Sensei will check-in with you at the end of each work day to get a read on how productive you were on accomplishing your scheduled tasks for the day.

With each-and-every interaction you have with the Accountability Sensei, you can be assured you will receive constant encouragement. You will never be without the motivation or inspiration you need to achieve your goals.

And because the Accountability Sensei has nearly 16 years of online business experience in a number of different ventures throughout the years, you will be granted access to his vast mental knowledge bank via email. Send up to one email per day asking any question you want. Ask the Accountability Sensei to review your sales funnel and website copy. Ask how to setup a shopping cart and payment processor. Ask which membership software he suggests you use. If it’s business or productivity related, just ask!

Plain and simple, working with the Accountability Sensei will transform you into a high-performance entrepreneur. If you are ready to be challenged and experience exponential growth in your business, you need an accountability coach. You need the Accountability Sensei.

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